Jail Ministry Outreach

Hospitality Bag Project ( Douglas County Jail )


The Hospitality Bag Project is part of the Jail Ministry Outreach recently launched at Restoration Church in Glenwood. It is a continuation - but a downsized version - of the Blessing Bag Project which was started in 2019 by a group of concerned women in the Alexandria area who desired to meet the needs of inmates being released from the Douglas County Jail.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Hospitality Bag Project is to meet both the spiritual and basic hygiene care needs of those inmates being released from the Douglas County Jail through the love and hope of the Gospel. The goal is to present to each individual being released with a hospitality bag filled with Christian literature, personal hygiene items, one meal and one transportation voucher.  

Project's Anticipated Budget

An estimated 1,000 - 1,200 inmates generally pass-through Douglas County Jail in any given year; however, due to COVID-19, the overall number of those being held in the jail has decreased significantly. If we project an average of supplying 800 inmates with the love of Christ when they are released, we will be looking at a budget of close to $9,700. The cost breakdown for each bag is provided below.

Supporting This Ministry

There are a number of ways you can support this ministry:

Through Prayer

The driving force behind any ministry is prayer. Nothing is impossible when a ministry is bathed in prayer and when this committee was formed, all members agreed that the ministry needed to be saturated in prayer.  

Financial Support

This ministry buys all of the items needed for the bags in travel size and in bulk. This cuts down on expense and also ensures that all items will fit in a quart size bag.
We will ensure that all financial donations are given a receipt and financial updates given quarterly.

Become a Committee Member

Please mention to your missions’ boards and congregations that if they feel the Holy Spirit leading them to become a member of the Hospitality Bag Project Committee, we would love to welcome them to join us.
We meet monthly at Restoration Church, generally in the evenings. Anyone who is interested can feel free to contact me. 

Help Prepare Bags

As this ministry gets moving, the committee will need assistance in ensuring the estimated 66 bags are filled per month and taken to the Douglas County Jail for distribution.

Questions? Feel free to reach out!

If you have further questions regarding this ministry and/or the ways in which your congregation would like to help support it, please feel free to contact us!
Your message will be sent to Pastor Katrina Hoffman. You can also call directly at (320) 219-0006.